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Company Overview

All Seasons Mushrooms

All Seasons Offices
Langley, BC




All Season Mushroom facilities in Langley, BC, Abbotsford, BC and Crossfield Alberta

All Seasons Mushrooms vertically integrated operations are comprised of the following facilities:

Phase I Composting

Phase I Composting – This facility is located in Princeton, BC. and is a hybrid system incorporating a hydrator to quickly pre-wet the straw to 75 percent, aerated bunkers and rics.

Phase II and Phase III

Phase II and Phase III - the All Seasons Phase II and Phase III facilities are loacted on the same property occupied by the growing and marketing facilities.

Growing Facility

Growing Facility – The All Seasons growing facilities are state-of-the-art, encompassing leading edge features focused towards enhancements in all areas of quality, energy conservation, and environmental protection. The growing facilities are attached directly to the packing and distribution facilities allowing for seamless operations as the product is transferred from growing beds to packing and then assembled and packaged to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.

Processing/Cold Storage/Marketing & Distribution

Processing/Cold Storage/Marketing & Distribution – Adjacent to the growing facility, this is where our mushrooms are subjected to further quality control checks, vacuum cooled for enhanced shelf life, packaged to meet specific customer requirements and readied for shipment to our customers. 

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