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Mushroom Fast Facts


Mushrooms in BC are locally available and fresh year-round, unlike many other produce items which though they may be available year-round, are actually imported from other areas.

Mushrooms are classified as fungi. Plants grown from spores, not seeds, are called fungi.

Mushrooms are grown in sophisticated climate controlled environments.

Mushrooms extract their carbohydrates and proteins from a rich medium of decaying, organic matter vegetation which is prepared into nutrient-rich substrate composts that the mushroom can consume.

Mushrooms lack the ability to use energy from the sun. They are not green plants because they do not have chlorophyll.
It is a myth to think that mushrooms have to be grown in the dark. Mushrooms can be grown in the dark or light as their energy does not come from the sun but from its growing medium.

Mushrooms should be stored in a refrigerated environment between 34 to 36 degrees F. for longer freshness and stored in a brown paper bag and not in a plastic one.

Mushrooms are good for your health. Nutritional Information is available here.

White mushrooms have an antioxidant capacity similar to colourful vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini and carrots; brown mushrooms are comparable to green beans, red peppers and broccoli.

Be wary of Wild Mushrooms. Foraging for wild mushrooms is an art, and a dangerous one if you’re not educated in this area. Some wild mushrooms are highly toxic and look very similar to edible mushrooms. People should not forage for wild mushrooms unless they are experts, or the person identifying the mushrooms is someone with whom they would entrust their life. Wild mushrooms should always be cooked. All Seasons Mushrooms does not recommend, suggest or endorse any consumption or identification techniques for wild mushrooms.