Substrate filling & Mushroom Pinning

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As the substrate is loaded into the growing rooms a layer of peat moss is applied to the surface of the substrate.  This layer is called the “casing layer” and is essential for the formation of mushrooms.


Over the next 3 to 4 days temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and substrate moisture are continuously monitored and adjusted.  At the end of this 4-day period, the mycelium from the substrate layer will have fully colonized through to the casing layer.


The environment is then altered to simulate an autumn day, which stimulates the formation of mushrooms.  This process is called “flushing” and it results in the formation of tiny mushroom heads—referred to as pins.

Through manipulation of room parameters, the pins eventually grow into harvestable mushrooms.  The way various parameters are manipulated determines to some extent the sizing of the mushrooms.

This process to first pins takes approximately 15 days.  The first crop of mushrooms is picked approximately 17 days from first filling the substrate into the growing rooms.

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