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Each planting, or crop, of mushrooms will yield multiple picks, “flushes” or “breaks”.  These are spaced seven days apart with the picking of each crop taking approximately 4 of those days.

Every subsequent break of any given crop produces lower yields than the prior break.  At All Seasons, we strive for a careful balance between crop yield and quality.  We recognize that the greater the number of breaks picked, the greater the opportunity for competing organisms to colonize the substrate and potentially affect mushroom quality. We continually monitor our crops for quality issues and will make decisions on reducing breaks per crop when required in order to not sacrifice quality.

At All Seasons, we utilize a “2-Break System”, meaning that we pick for two weeks after pinning.  This means that the growth cycle between substrate filling of the growing rooms is 4 weeks.  Typical growing cycles in the majority of other facilities (utilizing older technologies) are 10 weeks.


During harvesting, it is necessary to maintain strict environmental controls.  During the two weeks of picking, careful manipulation of the levels of moisture, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and air movement are carried out.

Because of its short growing cycle, the All Seasons facility as chosen to eliminate the use of pesticides. This is the predominant contributor to All Seasons’ achieving its enviable “Certified Organic” status.

At All Seasons all pickers are extensively trained in the areas of sanitation and personal hygiene.  Diligent supervision is maintained to ensure that strict food safety standards are upheld.

Harvesting & Grading

Mushrooms are generally harvested directly into the final container that will be shipped to the customer.  This eliminates subsequent re-handling of the mushrooms which in turn, will minimize opportunities for bruising, etc.


Care is taken to ensure that mushrooms, once picked, are quickly graded, coded for traceability, and transported into the packaging & cooler facilities.

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