Phase III Spawning & Incubation

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Spawn (the mushroom grower’s equivalent of seed) is metered into the substrate as it is being transferred from the Phase II to the Phase III tunnel.

Spawn (the mushroom grower’s equivalent of seed)

Spawn is usually made with rye or wheat grain that has been sterilized and inoculated with mushroom tissue—it is typically made under clean, laboratory conditions.

Substrate temperature in the Phase III tunnel is maintained at approximately 25 degrees to allow the spawn to grow as a delicate network of mycelia.  Eventually the mycelia from different spawn grains spread and fuse together to entirely colonize the substrate.  At this stage the substrate has the appearance of a white root-like structure throughout.

The incubation process takes approximately 14 to 17 days to effectively colonize the substrate.

Colonize the substrate

At this stage, the substrate mixture is pulled out of the tunnels using specialty equipment and loaded into specially sanitized trucks for transport to the growing rooms.

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