Quality Control, Processing & Order Preparation

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Cooling mushrooms to approximately 34 degrees F. as quickly as possible after harvest and maintaining the cold chain is very important to the shelf life of mushrooms.  For this reason, as mushrooms are received into the packing facility they are immediately vacuum cooled and maintained in climate controlled storage.  Vacuum cooling of mushrooms is a 20-minute process.

Quality control checks are undertaken to ensure that the mushrooms being received into the packing facility are of the quality they to which they were graded as they were picked.

Quality Control       Packing

All processing is carried out within the packing facility.  This includes slicing of product, preparation of retail packs, and final order preparation to meet specific customer requirements.  Personnel trained in all areas of food safety use specially designed equipment to accomplish this. 

Once a customer order is complete, a quality control checklist is filled out to ensure that all requirements have been adhered to.

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